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    Glossary list of "A"
    • Abdomen

      Constitutes the stomach, intestines, liver, reproductive organs, and other organs around the region.

    • Abortifacient

      A drug, herb, or device that can cause an abortion.

    • Abortion

      The termination of pregnancy before birth.

    • Abstinence

      Refraining from sexual intercourse.

    • Abstinence Only Curricula

      Sexuality education programs that advocate sexual abstinence before marriage. They do not provide information about contraception, safer sex, or sexual orientation.

    • Acquaintance Rape

      Sexual intercourse coerced by someone known to the victim.

    • Acute

      Refers tointense, short-term symptoms or illnesses that either resolve or evolve into long-lasting, chronic disease manifestations.

    • Adultery

      Sexual intercourse between a married person and someone who is not his or her spouse.

    • Age of Consent

      The age at which one is considered old enough to decide to have sexual intercourse.

    • Age of Majority

      The age at which one becomes a legal adult.

    • AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

      A set of conditions associated with the last stages of HIV disease.

    • Alveoli

      Sacs inside the breast that produce milk.

    • Anal Intercourse

      Sex play in which the penis enters the anus.

    • Androgens

      Certain hormones that stimulate male sexual development and secondary male sex characteristics. They are most abundantly produced in the testicles of men but are also produced in small amounts in women's ovaries. The most common androgen is testosterone.

    • Androgyne

      A person who adopts characteristics of both genders in order to become gender neutral as a way to have fun, entertain, make a political statement about gender roles, or gain emotional satisfaction.

    • Androgyny

      A gender identity that allows expression of both gender roles.

    • Anorexia

      An eating disorder often caused by poor body image in which people, usually women, don't eat or eat very little to remain or become thin.

    • Anorgasmia

      The inability to have an orgasm.

    • Anti-choice

      Opposed to the belief that women have the right to choose abortion.

    • Anus

      The opening from the rectum from which solid waste (feces) leaves the body .

    • Aphrodisiac

      A substance that is supposed to increase sexual desire.

    • Areola

      The dark area surrounding the nipples of women and men.

    • Asyphyxophilia

      A paraphilia in which sexual arousal becomes dependent on being strangled up to the point of passing out.

    • Autoerotic

      Providing sexual stimulation for one's self.

    • Autoerotic Asphyxiation

      Self-strangulation for sexual arousal.

    • Autonomy

      The ability to freely exercise one's own will.