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    Glossary list of "F"
    Fake Orgasm
    The pretense of having reached climax in order to end sex play or please a partner.
    Fallopian Tube
    One of two narrow tubes that carry the egg from the ovary to the uterus.
    Fam(Fertility Awareness Method)
    Barrier methods of birth control for vaginal intercourse during the "unsafe days" of a woman's fertile phase.
    A sexually arousing thought and mental image.
    Solid waste that leaves the body through the anus.
    Female Circumcision
    The practice of removing a girl's clitoral hood, clitoris, and/or the labia; often called female genital mutilation. This is practiced in some African, Near Eastern, and Southeast Asian cultures.
    Female Condom
    A polyurethane sheath with flexible rings at each end that is inserted deep into the vagina like a diaphragm. It is an over-the-counter, reversible barrier method of birth control that may provide protection against many sexually transmitted infections.
    Female Genital Mutilation
    Female circumcision.
    Characteristics and ways of behaving that a culture associates with being a girl or a woman.
    The belief that women and men have equal social, economic, sexual, and political rights.
    The joining of an egg and sperm.
    Fetal Alcohol Effects
    Fetal abnormalities caused by alcohol during pregnancy that may not be as severe as those associated with fetal alcohol syndrome.
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
    Fetal abnormalities affecting growth, the central nervous system, and facial features that are caused by women drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
    A paraphilia in which certain objects, substances, or parts of the body become necessary for sexual arousal.
    The organism that develops from the embryo at the end of about seven weeks of pregnancy and receives nourishment through the placenta.
    Strict observance of promises, especially of sexual faithfulness.
    Physical and sexual stimulation - kissing, touching, stroking, and massaging - that often happens in the excitement stage of sexual response; often occurs before intercourse, but can lead to orgasm without intercourse, in which case it can be called outercourse.
    A retractable tube of skin that covers and protects the glans of the penis.
    Formal Values
    Socially sanctioned ideals for human behavior that may or may not be consistent with actual behaviors that are sanctioned.
    Sexual intercourse between unmarried people.