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    Glossary list of "V"
    The stretchable passage that connects a woman's outer sex organs - the vulva - with the cervix and uterus.
    Vaginal Intercourse
    Sex play in which the penis enters the vagina.
    An inflammation of the vagina that is caused by a change in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria.
    Painful intercourse for a woman that occurs when her fear and anxiety about vaginal intercourse cause the muscles around her vagina to go into spasm when her partner tries to insert a penis or dildo.
    Ideas of what is right, worthwhile, or moral.
    An enlargement of the spermatic vein, which supplies blood to the testis. It can reduce blood flow and increase the temperature of the testicle, thereby causing infertility.
    Vas Deferens
    A long, narrow tube that carries sperm from each epididymis to the seminal vesicles. The plural of vas deferens is vasa deferentia.
    Surgical blocking of the vasa deferentia in men that is intended to provide permanent birth control.
    One who studies sexually transmitted infections.
    The ability of a fetus to survive outside a woman's body.
    People who lived during and after the reign of Britain's Queen Victoria (1837-1901) - especially those who shared her fears about human sexuality.
    Never having had sexual intercourse.
    Voluntary Sterilization
    Surgically implemented contraception that is intended to be permanent and that is freely chosen.
    A paraphilia in which sexual arousal becomes dependent on watching people undress or have sex play unaware that they are being watched.
    Women or men who become aroused by secretly watching another person undress or engage in sexual behavior.
    A woman's external sex organs, including the clitoris, the labia (majora and minora), the opening to the vagina (introitus), and two Bartholin's glands.