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    Overview of Cellulitis
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      Cellulitis is a spreading bacterial infection of the skin and the underlying tissues. This infection is very common and can show up in places where the skin is already broken. Cellulitis in adults usually shows up in the lower leg, in children it is commonly seen in the face. The infection can show up in any part of the body. The skin surface is the most affected due to this infection. The infection can also affect the tissues underneath the skin, lymph nodes, and the blood stream if not treated at the right time. Cellulitis can endanger your life if appropriate treatment is not given.
      Common cellulitis will settle down within a week’s time if attended to properly. Cellulitis is not contagious.

      What Causes Cellulitis?

      The most common causes for cellulitis is as listed below
      • One or more types of bacteria that enter your skin through cracks or breaks cause cellulitis.
      • Frequently it is the streptococcus (Group A) and staphylococcus bacteria that cause cellulitis.
      • In children below three years streptococcus pneumoniae is the cause for cellulitis.
      • A surgery, ulcer, puncture wound, dermatitis, cut, or athlete’s foot, can cause cellulitis as this area permits free entry of the bacteria.
      • Insect bites, spider bites can also cause cellulitis. The insect or the spider transfers the bacteria to the human body through its bite.
      • Dry, inflamed, and peeling skin can also cause cellulitis.

      What Are the Symptoms of Cellulitis?

      Cellulitis starts off from a small area and tends to spread quickly. Symptoms for cellulitis can show up as

      • Redness in the skin
      • Inflammation of the skin
      • Tender skin
      • Skin warmth ness
      • Fever
      • Headache accompanied by nausea
      • Red spots over the reddened skin

      What Are the Diagnosis & Tests for Cellulitis?

      Your health care provider can diagnose cellulitis by studying your skin closely. He might order for
      • Blood tests
      • Wound culture
      • Tests to rule out blood clots in the vein
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      What Are the Treatments Available for Cellulitis?

      Treatment for cellulite is usually antibiotics; remember to complete the entire course as prescribed by your physician. Cellulitis can be treated with

      Oral antibiotics: Antibiotics prescribed by the doctor should be taken for fifteen days. After starting on the antibiotics check how your infection is responding to the antibiotics prescribed.

      Intravenous antibiotics: In case you do not respond to the oral antibiotics, you will be put on intravenous antibiotics. Antibiotics will be administered into the vein directly.

      How Do You Cope Up with Cellulitis?

      If you are affected by cellulitis, please remember, you are not alone. It is understood that in the United States, 2-3 people out of every 100 people suffer from cellulitis every year. Follow these simple steps to cope with cellulitis
      • Keep checking for any indications of the disease.
      • Stay calm, relax, cellulitis is curable hence do not panic.
      • Consult a doctor immediately on the onset of the infection.
      • Speak to your doctor on the severity of the condition.
      • Take your medications as prescribed by the doctor. Never skip them even if you feel your condition has improved substantially.
      • Keep your body clean, particularly the infected area.

      What Are the Ways to Prevent Cellulitis?

      Cellulitis can occur in any person, follow these simple steps to prevent cellulitis
      • Clean all wounds properly, wash with soap and water.
      • Apply antibiotic creams over the surface of the cut or the wound.
      • Dress the wound to avoid further infections.
      • When bandages get wet or dirty, change them. This will prevent cellulitis.
      • If you have any deep cuts or wounds, check with your physician instead of following self medication.
      • Diabetic people and people with poor blood circulation should follow this routine dedicatedly to avoid cellulitis
      • Use a moisturizer for your skin; this will prevent the skin from cracking and flaking.
      • Cover your feet and hands aptly. Use gloves for your hands and use footwear to protect your feet.
      • Ensure you trim your finger and toe nails regularly. Make sure you don’t damage the adjoining skin while cutting nails.
      • If you have developed any kind of superficial infection over your skin, treat it immediately.

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      Self Care

      Self care can help prevent cellulitis and also help people recover quickly if they are affected by cellulitis. Follow these simple yet effective self care tips
      • Take good care of your skin and protect it from injury.
      • Rest the portion of the body affected.
      • Cool/warm compresses will help the affected area.
      • Take all your medications as prescribed by the doctor.
      • Do not touch any thing that can either lead to the infection or spread the infection.
      • Try and avoid common fungal infections like athlete’s foot by keeping yourself clean.
      • Sterile saline-soaked dressing will help in reducing the pain of the infected area.
      • Elevating the affected leg will reduce the swelling considerably.
      • Prevent fluid buildup by using support stockings.


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