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    Overview of Chlamydia
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      Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that can affect the genital tract. This is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the US. This infection spreads without giving the smallest indications or symptoms. Almost 3 million people are affected by this disease every year. Chlamydia can easily spread from one person to another and the person might experience no significant symptoms at all. Both men and women are prone to Chlamydia. This infection is very common among the teenagers in the US though the disease can affect people of any age group. Chlamydia can be treated easily.

      What Causes Chlamydia?

      Chlamydia is a bacterial infection and the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis causes this infection. Other causes that could lead to Chlamydia are
      • Sexual intercourse with the infected person
      • Mother infected with this disease can pass over the infection to her baby while delivering. This could cause pneumonia or eye irritation in the new born infant.

      What Are the Symptoms of Chlamydia?

      Most of the men and women affected by this disease do not experience any symptoms at all. Men and women have different kinds of symptoms. Common symptoms reported by the infected people are listed below.

      Symptoms for men
      • Pain while passing urine
      • Testicle pain and swelling
      • Small quantity of clear or cloudy discharge from the tip of the penis
      • Burning and irritating sensation around the opening of the penis
      Symptoms in women
      • Painful periods
      • Pain during intercourse
      • Pain while passing urine
      • Abdominal pain accompanied by fever
      • Burning and itching sensation around the vagina
      • Unexpected bleeding in between periods
      • Foul smelling vaginal discharge
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      What Are the Diagnosis & Tests for Chlamydia?

      Chlamydia can lead to other health problems too therefore screen yourself at regular intervals with the advice of your physician. Chlamydia can be diagnosed through two tests

      Culture swab: A sample is taken from the urethra for men and from the cervix in women. Women can get this test done while they get their regular Pap smear done.

      Urine test: A urine sample is collected from the patient and is sent to the laboratory to check for infection.

      What Are the Treatments Available for Chlamydia?

      Chlamydia infection settles down within a couple of weeks if treated at the right time. Antibiotics are used to curb the infection and cure Chlamydia. Oral medications are prescribed either as a single time dose or a period of ten days depending upon the severity of the infection. While on medication the patient should avoid sexual intercourse.
      If the infected person has a sexual partner, the partner should also be treated even if the infection is not present in her/him.
      If the infection is very severe, the patient has to be hospitalized and given medications intravenously.

      How Do You Cope Up with Chlamydia?

      Do not worry, you are not alone. There are many more men and women who are infected with Chlamydia. This is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United Sates. It shows the least symptom when it strikes. You can cope with this infection if you follow these simple tips
      • Keep watching put for any symptoms of infection.
      • Awareness about the infection - Ask your doctor all possible information about this infection and educate yourself thoroughly.
      • Complete your course of medication - Finish your medication course as per the doctor’s advice. This will eliminate the infection completely.
      • Be strict about sexual partners - Do not keep changing partners and do not encourage sex with multiple partners. You can contract the infection very quickly from these partners.
      • Never panic by seeing the infection, with proper medication this condition is completely curable.

      What Are the Ways to Prevent Chlamydia?

      You can prevent sexually transmitted disease if you refrain from sexual intercourse. Apart from that Chlamydia can be prevented if the following steps are followed.
      • Checking the number of sex partners - It is always healthy to remain with single sexual partner. Multiple sexual partners increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia.
      • Use condoms - Condoms to a great extent reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Both men and women can use condom during sexual intercourse.
      • Do not douche - Women should avoid frequent douching as this can reduce the good bacteria in the vagina thereby increasing the risk for infections.
      • Screen yourself regularly - If you have multiple partners and if you have a vigorous sex life screen yourself for sexually transmitted diseases.
      • Avoid sex - If you feel you have an infection, avoid sex until you meet your doctor and clarify issues.

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      Self Care

      Chlamydia may strike any person. If you are infected follow these simple yet effective self care tips to recover quickly
      • Avoid sexual intercourse when you are on medication for the infection.
      • It is healthy to have single sexual partner rather than multiple partners.
      • Do not indulge in sexual activities with outsiders; they might be carriers of the infection.
      • Always use condoms.
      • If you are sexually active, screen yourself for STD (sexually transmitted diseases) regularly.
      • Avoid excessive smoking.


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