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    Overview of Cholesterol
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      Cholesterol is a fat-like waxy substance that is present in the human blood and body cells. Cholesterol is found naturally in all animals. Human body needs some amount of cholesterol in order to function perfectly. Cholesterol required for the body is produced naturally by the body itself. Cholesterol is added to our body from the food we consume. Cholesterol can be classified into good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

      Excessive levels of either the good or bad cholesterol is bad for the health. Elevated levels of cholesterol in the human body can increase the risk of heart diseases.

      As human age, cholesterol level in the body begins to rise. People might not even know they have cholesterol as it imparts no significant symptoms. Remember a high cholesterol level in the blood is not a disease but a condition.
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      Cholesterol Levels for Average Population:

      Less than 200 - Desirable.
      200-239 - Borderline high.
      Greater than or equal to 240 - High.

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      What Causes Cholesterol?

      There is no particular cause for cholesterol. Common causes that can increase the risk of cholesterol are
      • If your family history speaks of heart disease or cholesterol you might be at the risk of getting cholesterol.
      • Obesity or excess weight can cause cholesterol.
      • Food with high-fat content can cause cholesterol.
      • Sedentary life style can cause cholesterol.
      • Excessive stress can cause cholesterol.
      • Diseases like diabetes, thyroid, liver disease, kidney disease etc.
      • Excessive smoking.
      • Increasing age elevates the cholesterol level in the body (45 for men and 55 for women).
      • Post menopausal women have increased level of LDL
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      What Are the Types of Cholesterol?

      Cholesterol can be classified into two types depending on the molecules that transport them (cholesterol by itself is insoluble in the blood thus needs proteins to transport them).

      LDL - Low density lipoprotein, it is termed as bad cholesterol as it deposits cholesterol into the tissues and walls of the vessels. LDL level has to be low to reduce the risk of heart diseases.
      HDL - High density lipoprotein, it is termed as good cholesterol as it brings back the cholesterol from the tissues into the liver. HDL level has to be high to prevent heart diseases.
      VLDL - Just like LDL but has more of fat and less of proteins.
      Triglycerides - This is a type of fat that is carried over by the VLDL in the body. Too much of alcohol, sugar, or calories is converted into triglycerides and is stored in the body’s fat cells.

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      What Are the Symptoms of Cholesterol?

      Cholesterol in the body does not show any significant symptoms. It is advisable you get your blood test done on a regular basis
      • If your family has a history of heart disease.
      • If you smoke excessively.
      • If you lead a sedentary lifestyle.
      • If you eat plenty of fatty food.
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      What Are the Diagnosis & Tests for Cholesterol?

      CholesterolYour doctor will check on your age, family history of heart diseases, your lifestyle, and your food habits. Blood test is the only method to determine the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

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      What Are the Treatments Available for Cholesterol?

      The cholesterol level in the body is determined and medications are given to support your system. The doctor might also advice you to get physically more active. You will be asked to maintain a strict diet schedule that is low in fat.

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      How Do You Cope Up with Cholesterol?

      You are not alone; there are many more people who suffer from condition. Follow these simple yet effective tips to cope up with cholesterol.
      • Get your blood tests done periodically.
      • Follow the medications as per your doctor’s advice.
      • Exercise regularly.
      • Eat healthy food.
      • Do not try self medication as this could harm your body.
      • Quit smoking.
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      What Are the Ways to Prevent Cholesterol?

      Cholesterol is a condition and not a disease, so if you follow these simple tips you can prevent this condition from invading your body.
      • Exercise moderately but regularly.
      • Eat healthy food; reduce saturated fat and Trans fat in your food.
      • Eat plenty of fiber.
      • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
      • Avoid smoking.
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      Medications for Cholesterol Available at InternationalDrugMart.com:

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      Pravachol (Pravastatin)
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      Self Care – The Bottom Line to Lower Your Cholesterol

      Managing cholesterol gets easier if you follow these simple yet effective self care tips.
      • Arrange for a screening test.
      • Be active; indulge in a lot of physical activity.
      • Follow the instructions of your doctor.
      • Maintain an ideal weight for your body.
      • Eat food that is low in cholesterol and that has less of saturated fat. Remember to eat food free from Trans fat.
      • Try out aerobics as this will help improve the HDL and triglyceride level in the body.
      • Quit smoking.


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