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      Top 5 Weight Loss Don'ts for Men

      Confused as to how to start your weight loss plan?

      Firstly, it's good for you that you're gearing up to lose your weight. But are you the one to notice that you have re-gained all your lost weight? Perhaps, you may have adopted a wrong weight loss plan. You're not alone! Yes, it's lamentable that many people do resort to trying just about anything in their endeavor to lose weight. How do you then get started to a successful weight loss program? Well, what you need to primarily know are the don'ts of weight loss in order to achieve the best shape of your life. Below we take you through weight loss don'ts for men.

      DON'T 1: Unrealistic Plans - Never

      Don't go in for unrealistic plans that you can't achieve, such as targeting to lose more pounds in a short period. So, set true-to-life goals that are well within your capabilities. According to medical professionals, losing 1 to 2 pounds per week is considered as normal, healthy, and lasting weight loss.

      Just as 'slow and steady wins the race', so is a slow and steady weight loss that ensures a healthy way of losing one's weight. Be aware of the fact that a quick weight loss can take a toll on your body, as it can make you feel sick. Also, this could lead to slowing of the metabolic process, resulting in imbalances of the body. Remember that a faster weight loss mostly results in loss of water than fat in your body. So, be realistic!

      DON'T 2: Never Skip Breakfast

      Breakfast is a super-duper must and skipping it will rather lead to weight gain and will also slow down your metabolism for the remaining part of the day. Breakfast is essential to kick-start your metabolism and to remain alert throughout the day. Since you are not eating anything for about 8 whole hours during the night, skipping your breakfast can lead to lower blood sugar, acidity, reduced attention span, etc.

      Keep in mind that you will NOT become thin by skipping your breakfast. Researchers found that people who skip their breakfasts are more likely to be obese than those who have regular breakfasts.

      DON'T 3: No-no to One Meal a Day

      Eating just one giant meal a day and starving yourself for the rest of the day is not the right way to lose your weight. This bombards your system and can result in indigestion, fatigue and lethargy. Instead of having one larger meal per day, spread your meals throughout the day and have 5 to 6 smaller meals every day. You can have a small snack every 2 hours. Remember to have only healthy snacks such as dry-roasted nuts, fruits, low-fat yoghurt, etc.

      DON'T 4: No Alcohol

      Ask yourself this sensible question: is drinking alcohol going to help me in my weight loss program? Let your quiet mind think and then take a glance below at a quick resource on the calorie contents of different types of alcohol. You will definitely agree that alcohol and weight loss are enemies. Certainly, the mere numbers in the below chart per se tells you that alcohol isn't the healthy/desirable choice if you're on the weight loss diet.

      DON'T 5: Avoid Sitting in One Place for Too Long

      Just remember: sitting constantly for a longer period not only can contribute to the risk of diabetes, obesity, muscle weakness, and knee pain but can increase the risk of early death. Also, spending long periods of time sitting down slows your metabolism and hence you don't burn enough calories.

      To sum up, sitting for long periods can result in weight gain and is not conducive to weight loss. Once every 30 minutes, take frequent breaks from sitting and walk/stand for 2 to 5 minutes. Also, when you are at work, perform chair exercises to relax the strained muscles.


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