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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > February 21, 2019

      Why are you having heavy, aching legs?

      If you have been working out and your legs ache and feel heavy, that’s normal. However, if you find that your legs are stiff, tired and heavy for no obvious reason, then it’s time to take notice. It could be a problem to do with the veins.

      Varicose veins

      Varicose veins usually look knotty, bigger and thicker than the surrounding veins. These can lead to blood clots that have swelling and pain. They may even interfere with the healing process of skin sores. Usually, varicose veins are caused due to aging, obesity, occupations that call for long periods of sitting or standing, low levels of physical activity and hormonal imbalances.

      Restless leg syndrome

      This condition leaves legs feeling shaky or numb. The solution is simple though, one needs to just shake them to restore them to normalcy.

      Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)

      Due to gravity, the heart has to put in greater effort to pump blood back up from the feet and legs. In fact, these areas have one-way valves which prevent blood from falling back down. When one suffers from CVI, these valves and veins become weak resulting in heavy legs, swelling, tired legs, and spider veins.

      Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

      This is a kind of cardiovascular disease which impacts the veins and arteries. PAD usually affects the legs and is likely to cut off the blood circulation to the feet and legs and this will make them feel heavy, ache or have cramps.


      If you are heavy, the weight could increase the pressure on your legs especially if you are standing for long periods during the day. Losing weight can help you get over the heavy feeling and aches.

      Heavy legs during pregnancy

      This is a common symptom during pregnancy due to the increase in body weight and also water retention. This usually goes away post-delivery.


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