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      Does your child have ADHD? Find out.

      ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and this affects 5% of American children according to the American Psychiatric Association. This is caused by an imbalance in the neurotransmitters in the brain. Children who have this condition show less activity in the area of the brain that controls attention span.

      Lack of attention and prioritization

      Does your child find it hard to pay attention to what is being said, finish tasks or keep track of their things? This could be a symptom. For instance, your child may start a project and then something else might catch their fancy and they would leave it undone. Another symptom is the lack of ability to prioritize.

      Hyperactivity and emotional turmoil

      This is a key symptom of ADHD. A hyperactive child may not be able to sit still and fidget or do something all the time. He may run or climb on things most of the time even while indoors. The child is likely to talk a lot too. They may have trouble regulating their emotions.


      Children with ADHD are likely to interrupt activities and games that they are not part of.

      Making mistakes

      Children with ADHD would make mistakes but this would not be the result of a lack of intelligence, laziness or capacity. Rather, it would be difficulty sticking to a plan and executing it.


      Not all kids with ADHD are noisy. Some may simply sit and stare into space or keep daydreaming. They may not be aware of what is happening around them as they daydream.

      Types of ADHD

      There are three types of ADHD. The Hyperactive/impulsive type is the first category and children exhibit both hyperactive and impulsive behavior. However, to a great extent, they can pay attention. The inattentive type is where children are not too active. They may not go to the extent of disrupting the classroom or other activities. Therefore, their symptoms might not be noticed. The next is the combined type where they exhibit characteristics of both types. This also happens to be the most common form of ADHD.


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