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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > September 27, 2019

      How does alcohol affect your body?

      Alcohol may be a recreational drink but its effect on your body can be quite harmful’ From increasing the acid in your stomach, causing diarrhea to actually shrinking down your brain cells, here’s a look at how alcohol affects you.

      Shrinks your brain

      If you are a heavy drinker and this continues for a long duration, this will impact how your brain looks and works. You will be shocked to know that your brain cells actually change and become smaller. This will also hit your capacity to think, learn, and retain things in your memory. 

      Will it help you sleep?

      This is what most people commonly believe. It’s true that alcohol’s slows down your brain and this can make you drowsy which makes it easier for you to doze off more easily. However, this does not mean that you are going to sleep well. What happens is that your body  would process the alcohol all night long. Once its effects wear off, you will find that you are tossing and turning. It also entails more toilet visits and this affects sleep too.

      Increases stomach acid

      What alcohol does is that it irritates the lining of your stomach and stimulates the increased flow of digestive juices. When this happens, things are fine till a point but post that when the acid and alcohol levels increase, you may get nausea and even vomit.

      Diarrhea and Heartburn

      Drinking can create problems in your small intestine and colon too. It may result in diarrhea, and heartburn too.

      Excess urine production

      Under normal conditions, the brain generates a hormone which prevents your kidneys from producing too much urine.  However, alcohol gives your brain a different signal. The result is that you need to urinate more often and this may get you dehydrated. If you have been drinking for years, this extra load and clearing toxins can wear out your kidney.


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