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      Antiviral Nasal Spray Effective for Common Cold – A New Finding from A Pilot Clinical Trial

      Common cold, medically referred to as a viral upper respiratory tract infection, is the most commonly occurring illness in the world. It is a most prevalent contagious viral disease that is a primary cause of absenteeism from school and work. And antibiotics have been overused for many a years in the treatment of common cold, leading to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria (antibiotic resistance).

      Amid this crisis, Antiviral Nasal Spray has emerged as a promising and safe treatment in combating common cold. A pilot clinical trial was conducted at a research center in the UK (Cardiff University) to investigate the efficacy and safety of antiviral nasal spray in 35 adult subjects with common cold symptoms. All subjects received nasal spray containing Carrageenan 3 times per day for 4 days. The study results showed a significant reduction not only in common cold symptoms but also in the viral load in nasal lavages in all subjects.

      With positive clinical results, this antiviral nasal spray containing Carrageenan, marketed by Marinomed, is the first product of its kind that appears to be effective in the treatment of viral causes of the common cold. Marinomed, a biotechnology company, is involved in developing innovative therapies for respiratory diseases. The Carrageenan nasal sprays have been first marketed in Austria and later licensed for use in Europe and South America.

      June 01, 2011


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