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      What are the types of asthma?

      Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease where airways become inflamed, narrow and swell. This results in the production  of extra mucus making it a difficult task to breathe. This is a serious disease that can be very dangerous as well.Every year, 25 million Americans are affected by asthma and this is the chief cause for over 2 million emergency room visits every year. 

      Some of the key symptoms are shortness of breath, chest tightness or pain, trouble sleeping due to shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing. Other symptoms include a whistling or wheezing sound while exhaling. These symptoms get worse when there is a respiratory virus, such as a cold or the flu.

      Types of asthma

      The different types of asthma are classified depending on the severity of symptoms. They are as follows.

      Mild intermittent asthma

      In this form of asthma, one would experience mild symptoms less than twice a week. The symptoms at night would be less than twice a month. There would be few asthma attacks.

      Mild persistent asthma

      In this type, one would face symptoms ranging from three to six times a week. The nighttime symptoms would occur three to four times a month. Asthma attacks that occur would affect activities.

      Moderate persistent asthma

      Here the Symptoms would show up three to six times a week. The nighttime symptoms would last three to four times a month. Asthma attacks can upset daily activities.

      Severe persistent asthma

      This is a serious phase. There would be continuous symptoms both day and night. These would be so frequent that regular activities would be heavily affected.

      Allergic asthma

      This type of asthma is triggered by an allergen. These Include dust, pollen and pet dander.

      Nonallergic asthma

      This kind of asthma flares up in extreme weather such as high temperatures in summer or the extreme cold of winter. This may also get triggered when one is stressed or has a cold.Besides these types, you would find adult-onset asthma, asthma in children, nocturnal asthma, exercise induced broncho constriction and so on.


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