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      Common health problems babies face

      Babies have immune systems that are vulnerable and just in the stage of development. As they keep taking tiny steps in growing up, various health issues affect them. From colic to diarrhea, here’s a look at the common health problems babies face.


      When a baby has colic, he or she will cry inconsolably or scream for apparently no reason. The baby may also pull up their legs, pass gas and stomachs may be enlarged. The cause for colic is not fully known. Sometimes, in breastfeeding babies, colic is a manifestation of the baby being sensitive to a particular food in the mother's diet. In rare cases, this could be sensitivity to milk protein in formula. It may also point to a medical problem, such as a hernia or some type of illness. Colic usually disappears by three months.


      In small babies, vomiting is very common. It’s recommended that mothers burp babies well to prevent this condition. However, if the vomit is greenish, it can indicate something serious. If vomiting persists, visit the doctor as babies are likely to get dehydrated quickly.


      Babies get fever now and then and this is a sign of the body fighting an infection. However, if the fever reaches 101 degrees in newborns and infants, it may cause serious or fatal seizures and brain damage. In this case, immediately rush the baby for emergency treatment.

      Skin problems

      Diaper rash and cradle cap are common skin issues that affect babies. To prevent diaper rash, use a good diaper cream. Wash your baby’s hair with a mild shampoo. If your baby has cradle cap, wash hair every day.


      Babies tend to easily get diarrhea as this may be their reaction to antibiotics and infections. It’s important that you keep your baby hydrated well and also provide oral saline. Keep monitoring any change in the texture and color of stools.

      Cold and flu

      Cold and flu easily affect babies and it’s important to visit the pediatrician for these. This is because pneumonia and other serious infant diseases can quickly be contracted by babies.


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