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      What is causing your bad breath?

      Bad breath, or halitosis, is a condition that results from the build-up of bacteria in the mouth that results in the production of a foul smell. Bad breath can be embarrassing and cause anxiety, however, fortunately once you have zeroed in on the cause, you can begin treatment.


      One of the key reasons for bad breath is that when food particles break down in and around your teeth, these may increase bacteria and cause a foul odor. Certain foods like onions, garlic and spices, may cause bad breath.

      Bad dental hygiene

      If you do not clean your teeth or mouth properly, this can cause bad breath. Your tongue also can cause odor of bacteria get trapped there. If your dentures are not being cleaned regularly or don't fit properly, these may also contain odor-causing bacteria and food particles.

      Mouth infections

      Sometimes, bad breath may be caused as a result of surgical wounds post oral surgery, say for instance tooth removal, gum disease, tooth decay, or mouth sores.


      Some medications indirectly result in giving you bad breath by giving you a dry mouth.  Some medications are broken down in the body in such a way that they release chemicals which may impact your breath.

      Dry mouth

      Saliva is an agent that cleans your mouth and removes particles that cause bad odors. If you suffer from a condition known as dry mouth, this may cause bad breath. This condition could be a result of disorders or a problem with the salivary gland.


      If you suffer from certain diseases, such as some cancers or metabolic disorders, these may cause a distinctive breath odor because of chemicals they produce. The chronic reflux of stomach acids or gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD is linked to bad breath.


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