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      Do you know how to balance your hormones?

      Our bodies have many different kinds of hormones that help us function optimally. Any kind of imbalance in the hormones can affect mood, appetite, and overall health. Hormones are produced in several glands such as the reproductive organs, pineal gland, pancreas, thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands.

      Get your sleep

      Get adequate sleep every night, this matters a lot. Quality sleep is also important as this is key to regulating diabetes, obesity and appetite problems. Make sure that you are not exposed to artificial light especially blue light emitted by computer screens, mobile phones and such gadgets as this disrupts the circadian rhythm.

      Include fiber, fatty fish and healthy fats

      The omega-3s in fatty fish balance out hormones and your mood.  They are good for the heart, brain,  central nervous system and digestive health. Fiber is very good for gut health and regulates hormones like insulin. Healthy fat is also important.

      Stop overeating and tobacco

      When you overeat, this can create long-term metabolic issues besides increasing fat and oxidative stress. Smoking can play havoc with your hormones. Research has shown that it can affect thyroid hormone levels, stimulate pituitary hormones, and increase steroid hormones, such as cortisol.

      Increase greens and include green tea

      Go in for leafy greens such as spinach, chard and kale that work to cleanse the body and support the liver. This helps greatly in establishing hormonal balance. Green tea also works wonders for this cause. Having said that, try to cut down on coffee.

      Cut down processed foods

      Processed foods and hydrogenated oil can bring misery to your hormone balance, go easy on them. Try to do away with refined sugar, it does not contain nutrients and not just that it even robs the nutrients in your body needed to maintain hormonal balance.

      Avoid stress and go for exercise

      Bring down levels of stress through relaxation, hobbies, meditation or whatever works for you. Stress can cause issues with hormones. Exercise always helps, make it a part of your life and keep your hormones in line.


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