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      Neuroscientists tell you how to score a better memory

      A powerful memory is a great asset. However, with today’s world being full of distractions and multi-tasking being the norm, forgetting things has become rampant. Neuroscientists share expert tips on how we can keep our memory sharp and functioning well into old age.

      Sleep well at night

      The National Sleep Foundation recommends that each person must have seven to nine hours of sleep each night to maintain good health and brain function. Sleep is the time when the brain works on storing memories and quality sleep is essential.

      Repeat information

      To retain information, it’s important to revisit it. Psychologists call this the spacing effect, once you get to the information again, you are likely to find more details and get it deeply embedded.

      Pay attention

      One of the keys to a good memory is to pay a lot of attention. Concentrating on something is important to make sure that it stays in your long-term memory.

      Exercise regularly

      Research on a group of middle-aged women showed that when they exercised regularly, the size of the hippocampus increased. The hippocampus is the area in the brain associated with the memory storing process. Later, when the group was tested, they were found to have improved verbal memory and learning scores.

      Keep testing yourself

      Keeping your memory sharp also means testing yourself on the information that you have stored. This helps your brain practice retrieving information more effectively.

      Go in for visuals

      A mnemonic is a great visual aid to help you remember things. For instance, if you want to remember the word flight, make a mental picture of a bird flying. Our mind stores a lot of things as visuals so this helps. When you have a list to be memorized, creating a small infographic will help you store the information better.


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