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      Caffeine free ways to stay awake

      Sometimes you need to stay awake to study something or to complete an office report or project. Most of us would almost involuntarily reach out for a cup of coffee or an energy drink with caffeine. Here are some ways to stay awake without the caffeine.


      Certain essential oils can help you stay awake as you breathe into their scents. You can use peppermint for energy, eucalyptus to enhance oxygen, cedarwood to help activate your mind and so on. Rosemary and cinnamon are great choices too. 

      Go for a healthy snack

      Avoid sugary snacks as they will give you a high followed by a low. This low will make you feel lethargic and mentally foggy. Instead, snack smart and healthy. You can try snacks such as yogurt, peanut butter on a whole wheat cracker or celery sticks, nuts, fresh fruits and more.

      Stay hydrated

      In case you do not drink enough water, you may feel tired. This is because when the body is dehydrated, there is a decrease in blood volume and consequently a decrease in blood flow and less nutrients reach the brain. Make sure you consume lot of fluids and water content rich foods such as celery and water melon.

      Take breaks

      If you are continuously working on a computer without a break, you are likely to get tired quickly. Take periodic breaks, even if it means just spending five minutes looking away from the screen.

      Try ginger

      A tea made of just ginger can help boost your alertness and energy. It increases your levels of energy and cuts down on inflammation.

      Keep moving

      When you move, the blood flow in your body increases. Take a quick walk, this will up your energy levels and keep you feeling fresh and awake.


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