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      What causes cold intolerance?

      Cold intolerance is a condition which makes you abnormally sensitive to cold temperatures. This may be a feeling that’s more severe than the chill that you feel when you are outdoors in a cold day. There might even be cold sensitivity in certain parts of the body. Some people may naturally feel colder than others but certain diseases and conditions can increase cold intolerance.


      For some people, cold intolerance may be caused by anemia and this can be remedied by taking iron supplements.


      Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland is unable to produce adequate levels of thyroid hormones. These hormones are important to control metabolism and temperature.

      Raynaud’s disease

      The arteries in the fingers, toes, or both are affected when people have this disease. Arteries narrow down and this reduces blood flow which may turn the fingers and toes blue or white. Cold temperatures can trigger episodes of Raynaud’s disease.

      Problems with the hypothalamus

      This is the area in the brain that is responsible for regulating body temperature. Any problem with it may cause cold intolerance.


      This is a disease that affects the nerves and may cause hypersensitivity. The result is that there might be a feeling of cold in the hands and feet all the time.


      This is an important hormone for women and is important for female reproduction. When the level of this hormone is not optimum, one may tend to feel cold. This tendency may increase during certain portions of the menstrual cycle.

      Anorexia Nervosa

      This is an eating disorder where there would be intense weight loss or inadequate weight gain and a distorted body image. Since such people have inadequate body fat, they may feel colder than others.


      When one is suffering from an infection such as a stomach bug, cold or fever, one may feel chills at times and feel cold suddenly. However, this is a temporary state and once the infection is cured, the cold sensation goes away too.



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