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      Common dreams and what they mean

      All of us dream, here’s a look at some of the most common dreams and an interpretation of what they actually mean from a psychological perspective. Usually, these comprise dreams of dying, being chased, failing a test and so on.

      Dreams of dying

      This is a very common dream and you might dream of your death or the death of a loved one. Either way, it can be quite frightening. Such dreams are interpreted as a sign of anxiety about change or fearing the unknown.

      Dreaming of a test

      If you have dreamt of failing a test, it shows that you a subconscious fear of failure in some aspect of life. It may also symbolize that you feel unprepared to tackle something in your day-to-day life.

      Dreams of being chased

      If you have dreamt of being chased by a known or unknown attacker, this can indeed be a terrifying experience. The symbolism is that you could be trying to avoid something in life. In case, you find that an animal is pursuing you, this could point to the fact that you are hiding from your own emotions such as anger, passion, and other feelings. If it’s someone mysterious or unknown, this could represent childhood trauma. In case, it’s a person of the opposite sex chasing you, it means you fear love or have not got over a past relationship.

      Dreaming about losing teeth?

      This could have multiple meanings, it may either mean that you are afraid of losing your attractiveness, are embarrassed over something or upset over your communication skills.

      Dreams of flying

      This again has multiple meanings. Flying may reflect feelings of freedom and independence. However, it can also mean the total opposite, it may show a strong desire to escape from the harsh realities of life. Flying may also depict sexual liberation, if one is going against the common norms of society.



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