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      How to prevent common sports injuries

      Do you love playing sports? If soccer, basketball or anything else gets your adrenaline pumping, that’s just great. It’s good for your health and keeps you fit. The flip side is that these sports may end up with you having injuries. Here are some tips on how to prevent the most common ones.

      Sprains and strains

      These are the sports injuries that top the list. Usually, these injuries happen while playing sports that involve running, jumping, using your shoulder and so on. To avoid these, work on muscle strengthening exercise including eccentric (muscle lengthening) and concentric (muscle shortening) ones. Work on your flexibility as well and this will go a long way in preventing strains and sprains.

      Achilles Tear/Tendinitis

      This condition usually affects runners or athletes who play sports that include running and jumping. At this time, the Achilles tendon which is the tendon at the back of your ankle may become inflamed and painful or even tear. To prevent this, wear proper running shoes and include flexibility and strengthening exercise in your regimen.


      Games that get a bit rough such as football are where the chances of getting a fracture increase. These are usually accidents and you may not be able to completely avoid them but can take a few steps such as making bones stronger by eating a proper diet with adequate vitamin D and calcium. Weight training also strengthens muscles in such a way that they work as shock absorbers.

      Rotator Cuff Tendinitis/Tear

      The rotator cuff comprises muscles and tendons that are needed to move and stabilize the shoulder. Tendinitis and tears in the rotator cuff happen when athletes do repetitive actions such as in baseball and tennis. Choose exercise that will make the upper back, core muscles and rotator cuff stronger.


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