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      How to get rid of a night time cough

      All of us suffer from coughs at some time or the other. Night time coughs can be disturbing and keep you awake through the night.

      Clear the allergens

      Pet dander, dust and mold are the usual culprits that can trigger off allergens. Keep your bedroom free of allergens, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter on the floor at least once a week to remove dust.  Clear your bedroom of items that attract dust such as magazines, trinkets and books.  Make sure you wash bedding in hot water once a week. Shower before you sleep so you get free of outdoor allergens.

      Try tea with honey

      Hot tea with honey is a time-tested home remedy that works. This will soothe the throat and bring down irritation. It will also loosen mucus. However, do not give honey to children below the age of one.

      Keep the head elevated

      When you lie flat on the bed at night, what happens is that, mucus pools at the back of the throat and causes coughing. Prop yourself up with a few pillows or use a back wedge to elevate your head.

      Go in for OTCs

      Sometimes, coughing at night may make it very tough to sleep. You can choose a cough suppressant which will help by blocking the cough reflex or an expectorant that thins the mucus in the lungs and helps you clear it faster. Some cough medications could interact with existing drugs that you are using and some may cause side effects, so it’s important to check with your physician or pharmacist before taking any of them.

      Warm salt water gargle

      This is a grandmother’s remedy that really helps. To bring down coughing, mix a teaspoon of salt in about 6 ounces of warm water and gargle a few times before bed.  You must spit out the salt water after gargling and avoid swallowing it.

      Quit smoking

      For many, the cause of long-term night time coughs can be traced to the habit of cigarette smoking. Once you quit, coughs will not stop immediately but after a period of time.


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