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      Protect yourself from dangerous cell phone radiation

      Electric and magnetic fields which are mostly referred to as EMFs are an integral part of our physical world. There are naturally produced EMFs which are good for us and enhance our well-being, however the artificial ones such as cell phone radiation. These injure our bodies at a cellular level and cause cell membrane and DNA damage besides the loss of calcium ions.

      Get a protective case

      You may not realize it but whenever you hold your cell phone to your ear, what happens is that you absorb over 50% of the cell phone radiation it transmits. Get yourself a protective case for your phone.

      Create space between body and phone

      Experts suggest you maintain at least a 10 mm gap between your body and cell phone. Avoid keeping it in your pocket. Do not sleep close to it and place it at least six feet away from you while sleeping.

      Cutting down usage

      Try using a landline or texting whenever possible instead of making a call from a cell phone. You could also use the hands-free option as far as possible. Don not talk on the phone while charging it as the amount of radiation emitted by it during that time is 10 times higher! Do not use the phone on low battery or low signal as the radiation increases then. Avoid using the Bluetooth. While speaking, try to keep the phone one or two cm away from you.

      Take a break

      Give yourself a break from your cell phone now and then. Turn of your cell phone and other devices such as computers and TVs and spend time connecting with your family instead.

      Try earthing

      This is simply about placing bare feet on the ground and letting it soak up the Earth’s negatively-charged electrons. These electrons can help remove the ill-effects of radiation.



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