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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > October 22, 2018

      Bust these common diabetes myths!

      Diabetes has become a common, chronic disease today but there are many myths surrounding this. Here’s a look at what’s the truth and what’s fake.

      Myth: I don’t have to take medication for diabetes

      Many who have been diagnosed with diabetes think that they need not take medication or can manage with unproven natural supplements. This can only make things worse. If the diagnosis is diabetes, face reality and start taking medication prescribed by your doctor.

      Myth: I have to take insulin because I have not controlled Type 2 Diabetes properly

      Many people with Type 2 diabetes have to take insulin but the reason is still unclear. For some, they may still have to take insulin even if they have controlled the sugar as this is a progressive disease. Another misconception is that once you start taking insulin, this is for life. However, it’s not necessarily so, depending on diet and exercise, it could be discontinued.

      Myth: If food is sugar-free, sugar levels won’t rise!

      This is one of the biggest myths ever. Even if you are on a sugar-free diet but consume a lot of carbs, you may still face problems. Fruit juice, bananas, bagels and processed cereals that are low in fiber are all carbohydrates that can increase blood sugar levels.

      Myth: I must never touch sweets if I am diabetic

      Moderation and portion control are a better way to handle sweets. For instance, eat right through the week and on one day, have a small portion of dessert.

      Myth: If I have diabetes, I will have to get my foot amputated

      Sometimes diabetics may need an amputation of an arm or leg due to ulcers or circulation problems. However, this does not mean that all diabetics must start panicking. Keeping your sugar under control and following the treatment prescribed can help avoid complications.

      Myth: Diabetics must eat small, frequent meals

      This cannot be generalized for everyone, each person has a different diet issue. Some go to bed with normal blood sugar but may wake up with high sugar levels, even though they have not eaten the whole night. Others have a blood sugar spike on eating. Check with your diabetes dietician to decide the best timing suited to you.


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