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      How do you handle dryness as you age?

      As you get older, you will find more problems with dryness, this can include dry skin, dry mouth and so on. Women might experience vaginal dryness. How do you cope up with these changes as you age? Here’s a look at what you can do.

      Dry mouth

      Age can make your mouth feel dry and this can result in sores and tooth decay. These may also be the result of taking certain medications or health conditions like Sjögren’s syndrome. Consult your doctor if you face this.

      Parched skin

      As you age, both oil and sweat glands get less active, this makes it tougher to keep your skin moist. Drink a lot of water and apply a good moisturizer.

      Health problems

      If you have diabetes, keep your blood sugar under control as high blood sugar can make your skin feel dry and itchy.  Other health problems that led to dryness are kidney disease, hypothyroidism, anemia or iron deficiency and rheumatoid arthritis, which may leave your eyes dry.

      Vaginal dryness

      Post menopause, most women suffer from this problem. This is because there is a great reduction in the female hormone estrogen. Vaginal dryness also stays on as the tissues in the area become thinner and less flexible. When you have regular sex or stimulation, these keep your vagina lubricated. You can also go for an over-the-counter vaginal moisturizer.

      Dry eyes

      As you age, your tear glands will not function as well as they used to. You might feel that your eyes are stinging or that there is sand in them. This can be remedied with eye drops or ointment.

      Dryness of hair and scalp

      This is a natural result of aging, the strands grow thinner too. Less frequent washing helps, you can apply a bit of oil such as coconut oil, massage it in and wash hair after a while.


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