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      The early signs of dementia

      Dementia is a condition that occurs when the nerve cells in a person’s brain stop working. This encompasses a wide variety of symptoms that impact a person’s cognitive functioning. This may include their capacity to think, remember and reason out.

      Memory loss

      One of the most common symptoms of dementia is memory loss. A person suffering from dementia may find it tough to recall recent things such as any new information on a subject, dates or events. They may misplace things as they would forget where they left them. Their decision-making skills and judgement skills would become poor as well.

      Language & communication problems

      All of us forget a familiar word occasionally but people with dementia may frequently forget familiar words and substitute them with inappropriate words. This would make it difficult for others to understand what they seek to communicate. Spelling, punctuation and grammar may also take a beating.

      They may also find it tough to have conversations as they would mid-way tend to forget what they were saying or what someone else said.

      Problems with planning or solving problems

      When one has dementia, it’s difficult to follow through with a plan, say for instance, arranging a meeting or following a recipe or directions. Things may get tougher when one has to take up problem solving issues like adding up the list of costs for grocery and so on.

      Familiar tasks get tougher

      The daily chores and activities that one normally does may get difficult to do. For instance, a person with dementia might find it tough to change settings on the TV, drive the car or even make a cup of coffee.

      Mood swings and personality changes

      When one has dementia, there could be mood swings and there may be personality changes as well. Irritability, anxiety, depression and fear could affect them.


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