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      How to survive unexpected emergencies

      An emergency situation can happen to us at any time. Here are some important tips that could even save your life during an emergency.

      Heart attack

      In case, you suddenly find yourself having chest pain with or without pain in the left arm, or if you feel a sudden shortness of breath, it’s time to take action. Call 911 and immediately chew one 325-milligram uncoated aspirin. This will thin your blood and can help prevent a heart attack. As you wait for the ambulance, loosen clothing and lie down, while lying down, the heart does not have to work as hard as it does when you are sitting or standing.

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      Bear attack

      In case you find yourself in from of a bear, don’t run away. Face it and slowly back away, speaking softly to it. Don’t look at its eyes. In case it’s going to attack, immediately lie face down and keep your hands clasped behind your neck. Act dead and never get up sure the bear is gone. If you are in a place known for bear activity, carry a bear deterrent pepper spray.


      In case, you suddenly find that you are gushing blood due to injury, don’t panic. Use a clean cloth, your hand, paper towels or any other fabric and push down on the wound till the bleeding stops. Tourniquets which were once the first aid advice all Boy Scouts were given are no longer to be followed.

      Rising water

      Remember to never evert attempt to drive through rising water, it takes just 12 inches to carry away a car! If you get stuck in water that’s rising, move out of the car, it will anyway stall once the water reaches the electronic controls. This way you can at least stand on the car or move to higher ground. If you find yourself in water, say by accidentally driving off a bridge into a lake or river, roll down the windows immediately. Water will flow in but this will equalize the pressure allowing you to open the door and swim out or swim out through the window.



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