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      Are you being emotionally abused?

      Physical abuse is easily noticeable but emotional abuse is not always as easily noticeable. In fact, sometimes victims don’t even realize that they are being abused! Abusive people usually abuse others in a close relationship such as a partner, parent, business partner, close friend and so on. Here’s how to spot some of the signs.

      Controlling behavior

      Controlling behavior includes making decisions on behalf of the other person and even going to the extent of cancelling plans, ordering the other person, insisting on regular calls when the person is elsewhere or even asking for pictures showing where the person is. Another major method of control is spying on the other person by going through their mails and texts, checking internet history and so on. The person may be treated like a child and dictated on what to eat, what to do, how to dress etc.,

      Yelling is a scare tactic employed and is a way to put down the other personal and signal who is in control. Abuse may also take the form of manipulating the other person by playing on their fears. Financial control may be in the hands of the abuser with the person abused just being given a small allowance.


      The abusers might try in different ways to shame the person abused for shortcomings. Abusers can blatantly lie and share false opinions on the person’s ‘bad behavior’. Abusers will walk out of situations and throw the blame on the other rather than resolve the issue.


      Blaming is a method that abusers’ resort to which helps them hide their shortcomings. Jealousy is a method of abuse, they may accuse the other of ‘flirting’ or having ‘affairs’. They might go on irritating the other and when they get angry blame them for getting upset.


      Insulting a person in front of others or making hurtful jokes on them or indulging in sarcasm are emotional abuse too.


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