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    You are here: Home > Announcements > October 11, 2011

      European Brand Bio-Equivalent Drugs @ Our Pharmacy now!

      Welcome to International Drug Mart Announcement section!

      International Drug Mart is at it again! And, there you have it.
      This time it's European Brand Equivalent Drugs!

      With a rapid growth in the European generics market over the last few years, there has been a growing demand for European brand equivalent medications from our customers. And, we are pleased to announce the new addition of European brand bio-equivalent drugs to our ever-growing product line of medications.

      The cost of an average branded medication is nearly four times the cost of a generic version. In addition to the previous launch of generic versions of Australian and Indian brands, we believe that this new addition of high-quality European generics will surely benefit the customers who are on the lookout for affordable health care.

      Committed to providing you with the best-quality generic medications at the lowest prices, we, at International Drug Mart, strive our best to fulfill your health needs and exceed your expectations too!

      International Drug Mart - Our vision is to satisfy your need for quality cum affordable medications.

      We hope you will check back often to see what's new at International Drug Mart!

      Listed below are a few European Brand top sellers. If you are looking for other drugs, please browse from the alphabetically listed drugs at the bottom or from the search box right at the top of our site.


      European Brand Bio-Equivalent Drugs
      Generic Name
      3% Ointment and 5% Cream, 200mg, 400mg, 800mg
      Anti Virals
      Quantity Other Pharmacy Our Price Savings
      3 $98.99 $51.54 $47.45
      European Brand Bio-Equivalent Drugs
      Generic Name
      Allergies, Anti Histamine
      Quantity Other Pharmacy Our Price Savings
      3 $132.44 $84.36 $48.08
      European Brand Bio-Equivalent Drugs
      Generic Name
      250mg, 500mg
      Anti Biotics
      Quantity Other Pharmacy Our Price Savings
      20 $111.99 $64.57 $47.42
      European Brand Bio-Equivalent Drugs
      Generic Name
      Quantity Other Pharmacy Our Price Savings
      1 $109.39 $56.24 $53.15
      Bio-equivalents of Australian Brand Medications
      Generic Name
      25mg, 100mg
      Immunosuppressant, Psoriasis
      Quantity Other Pharmacy Our Price Savings
      30 $222.22 $171.93 $50.29
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      N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


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