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      What are your eyes telling you?

      In many ways, your eyes can be a barometer of your health and can help you treat and prevent many conditions. Here’s how.

      What does blurred vision mean?

      Have you suddenly found yourself with blurry vision? Any abrupt loss in vision can point to a lack of blood flow to the eye or brain. Immediate medical attention to this can prevent could even save your life! In case this turns out not to be serious, you should still rule out an impending stroke or migraine headache.

      Blurred vision and difficulty seeing at night can mean that you have diabetes. Ignoring this can result in this developing into diabetic retinopathy, a condition where tiny blood vessels inside the eyes start leaking blood and other fluids.

      Eye symptoms that point to diseases

      Bulging eyes are a sign of Graves’ disease, a condition where the thyroid gland releases too many hormones. This can also cause double vision and even complete loss of vision besides other issues like diarrhea, weight loss and hand tremors.

      A corneal arcus is a gray-white line of fat deposit that starts growing on the outside edge of the cornea and sometimes forms a complete ring. While older people don’t have to lose sleep over this, in those below 40, it indicates abnormally high levels of cholesterol.

      Drooping eyelids may be a symptom of myasthenia gravis, a disease that makes your immune system attack and weaken your muscles.  If your skin and eyes look yellow, you could be having jaundice. It also often indicates liver problems due to high levels of bilirubin, a chemical your liver produces more of when inflamed or damaged. Chronic alcohol abuse, cancer and a bad diet are some of the causes of this condition.

      If your eyes twitch, it’s usually not serious and goes away on its own. Causes could range from alcohol, smoking, fatigue, caffeine, lack of sleep or stress. Rarely, they may signify an issue with the nervous system such as multiple sclerosis. However, if this is the case, there would be other accompanying symptoms such as difficulty in walking, talking or using the bathroom. Night blindness can be because of a lack of Vitamin A and in rare cases, a condition called retinitis pigmentosa. If you are finding it tough to see in low light, this can be attributed to a need for wearing glasses or due to cataract if you are a senior.


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