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      If you are finding it tough to sleep, here is help

      Sleeping is essential to our well-being and there’s nothing that can substitute a good night’s sleep. Sleep is when the body repairs itself and adequate sleep helps keep away eye bags, depression, higher risk of weight gain, high blood pressure and more. If you are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, here’s help from the experts

      Make your bed a sleep-only zone

      Turn off all screens such as your TV, mobile, tab and laptops an hour before you sleep. Avoid using these in bed as this leads the brain to what researchers term ‘conditioned arousal’ of your brain which trains your brain to stay awake.

      Grab a glass of milk

      Grandma’s advice works even today. A glass of warm milk before bedtime helps you sleep better as it contains the protein α-lactalbumin. This is rich in the amino acid tryptophan which produces melatonin which is the hormone that induces sleep.

      Skip fluids and alcohol before bedtime

      If you take too much fluid before bedtime, you are likely to get disturbed sleep as you will have to get up to use the bathroom. Alcohol consumed even in small quantities can make it harder to fall asleep.

      Get some sunshine

      Surprised? Sunshine helps to regulate the melatonin levels and this impacts sleep cycles. Make sure that you get ample exposure to sunlight during the day.

      Methods to relax

      Relaxing will set the tone for sleep. There are many ways to do this. Go for a warm shower, when you come out you will be cool not cold and this promises deep sleep. Use aromatherapy to calm you, choose scents like lavender that have been proved to have a relaxing effect and even bring B.P. down. However, you don’t have to tie yourself down to that scent and use what works for you. Imagine a relaxing scene in your mind such as a beach or waterfall and you will fall asleep faster.  Keep your bedroom cool and dark, this facilitates sleep.


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