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      Want to know how to get faster reflexes?

      Do you enjoy playing active sports like tennis or football? You need to have quick reflexes for such sports. However, it’s not just about sport, even something as mundane as catching a glass before it falls down or jamming the brakes to prevent an accident calls for quick reflexes.

      Load up on leafy greens and garlic

      Both green vegetables and garlic boost cognitive functioning. They have an abundant level of Vitamin K, lutein, folate, beta carotene and protein. This is good for your brain function and reflexes.

      Eggs and meat

      Eggs are rich in tyrosine which is an amino acid responsible for producing various hormones in the body. Many meats such as chicken and turkey are rich in this too. Lamb and pork too contain this also. This increases your levels of energy and alertness.

      Play ball

      A tennis ball can be a valuable tool to improve your reflexes. Bounce it off a wall and try to catch it. Also ask a friend to throw it at you as you quickly dodge it.

      Get adequate sleep

      Sleep plays a very important role in keeping your reflexes sharp and aids split-second decision making. Research done in California reveals that sleep deprivation can have the same impact on your body as a few alcoholic drinks. You will find yourself sluggish.

      Play video games

      When you spend too much time on playing video games, it can be detrimental to your health. However, when you play in moderation, it improves eye-hand co-ordination and improves reflexes.


      Running is a great way to improve reflexes. When you run, you need to quickly spot obstacles and avoid them. Both your brain and body must work fast. However, first start running at a slow pace before you venture into higher speeds.


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