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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > September 23, 2019

      Do foot detoxes really work?

      Health fads are dime a dozen and it’s quite a task to separate the truth from myth. Food detoxes are becoming increasingly popular and the benefits are believed to be the clearing of toxins and heavy metals lurking in the body through the feet. This is also believed to have the capacity to relieve stress, improve mood, help in weight reduction, boost immunity, balance the body’s ph and so much more.

      Common detox methods

      The common methods used to detox are ionic foot baths, foot soaks where feet are immersed in warm water with Epsom salts or some oil, foot scrubs, foot pads, acupressure-based massage techniques and so on.

      Ionic foot baths are generally available at alternate health centers and the claim that is made is that charged particles called ions will generate an ionic field that will cleanse and purify the body. The system works by ionizing the water molecules and breaking up water (H2O) into H+ and OH- ions. It’s believed that these charged ions will then pull out and neutralize toxins and heavy metals of the opposite charge, through the bottom of the feet. A research study showed that neither did toxins leave the body through the feet nor did they get cleared through the kidneys, liver or hair.

      Foot pads make the feet sweat but there's no evidence that this detoxifies the body.

       Foot masks and scrubs merely remove impurities on the top surface of the skin. Foot soaks do have their benefits such as helping you relax, clean the skin, boost blood circulation , bring down aches and pains and so on. However, there is no sign that toxins deep in the body get cleared.

       Acupressure based techniques aided relaxation but there is no proof that they helped detoxify the body.

      The conclusion is that there is no evidence that any of these help detoxify the body.


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