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    Latest News - General

      What is a soft foods diet and who needs it?

      A soft foods diet is a low-fiber diet or a bland diet which is suggested by doctors after certain medical procedures or certain ailments. As the name suggests, this diet focuses on foods that are soft, easy to chew, and at the same time, gentle on your stomach....READ MORE>>
      November 11, 2019

      How do you choose healthy fats?

      Fat has become quite a villain to most of us. However, not all fat is bad, there are healthy fats as well and our body needs them too. Fat is a kind of nutrient that enriches our body and is as essential as nutrients such as protein or vitamins....READ MORE>>
      November 08, 2019

      What is narcolepsy and its symptoms?

      Narcolepsy is a little known disorder where one has an excessive sleepiness. This might be inadvertently attributed to laziness or lack of proper sleep at night. However, there is more to this. It’s a chronic neurological disorder...READ MORE>>
      November 04, 2019
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    What is narcolepsy and its symptoms?
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    Signs of high blood sugar even without diabetes
    Walk your way to good health!
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    Is your body image affecting your sex life?
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    How companies sneak in sugar on food labels
    What is binge eating disorder?
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    Nutrients from food vs supplements. What’s better?
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    What does your tongue say about your health?
    Health perks of eating dark chocolate
    Men: Power up your sexual performance!
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    Top causes of erectile dysfunction
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    Poor posture can destroy your health!
    Menstruation myths that you must forget
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    Surprising sunscreen facts you must know
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    Foods that impact your productivity!
    Are you addicted to sugar?
    Tips to reduce chronic pain
    Hidden reasons why you get heart attacks!
    Honey can fight hangovers to cancer!
    How do you handle jet lag?
    Tips to work better and live longer
    Spot borderline personality disorder
    These common foods can upset your digestion!
    Do you have Vitamin B12 deficiency?
    What should you do if you are anemic?
    Can baking soda better your health?
    Can the food you love cause stroke?
    Learn how you can prevent varicose veins
    Do detox diets really work?
    Should you include flax seeds in your diet?
    What’s the difference between food allergy and food intolerance?
    Top tips to tame your temper
    Does having a wider waistline shrink your brain?
    Living with cancer? Tips to get better
    Super health benefits of cloves
    Resolve for better mental health this year
    How do you quit smoking?
    Protect your family from toxic chemicals
    Six super foods women must not skip
    News Archives - 2018
    Do you know how to balance your hormones?
    Why are you losing hair?
    Why do women live longer than men?
    What vitamins do you need as you age?
    Harmful habits that hurt your teeth!
    Common spine problems that can affect you
    Get the truth about top hangover myths
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    Are smartphones causing depression in teens?
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    Foods that can affect your medication
    Stay healthy through the festive season!
    Are you suffering from Vertigo?
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    Do shampoos and soaps cause early puberty?
    How to take antibiotics safely
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    Which exercises will keep you younger?
    Learn how to keep your joints healthy
    Food trends that will rule in 2019
    How to age with joy
    Want to know why you have a dry eye?
    Can a noisy workplace damage your heart?
    Bloating myths that need to go
    Is a physical book better than a digital one?
    7 Signs that your liver is unhealthy
    How social media can negatively impact teens
    Everything you wanted to know about MRIs
    Discover the secrets of longevity!
    Can just one energy drink harm blood vessels?
    Heart attack vs cardiac arrest: What’s the difference?
    How do you prevent childhood obesity?
    Sadness vs depression. What’s the difference?
    Can practicing yoga injure you?
    Try these foods to calm down!
    Give your lung capacity a big boost!
    Can Ibuprofen help stop Alzheimer's?
    Common health myths you believed in, busted!
    Diagnosed with cancer? What next?
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    Go avocado for health and beauty!
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    Breast cancer myths you must stop believing!
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    Get the superfoods that fight cold and flu!
    Get a day time nap, make better decisions
    What makes Deep Vein Thrombosis so dangerous?
    What are your eyes telling you?
    Skip the energy drinks, go natural
    Can the Keto Diet be dangerous?
    Is oat milk the hot new vegan alternative?
    Give your coffee a healthy boost!
    Gaining weight from eating late at night?
    Can make-up can play havoc with hormones?
    Pessimism can bring you good health!
    Do people in relationships gain more weight?
    Diagnosed with lung cancer? Fight it now
    Can yoga improve your sex life?
    Your smartphone can injure your neck!
    Are we using just 10% of our brain?
    Easy ways to bring down anxiety!
    Can Virtual Reality Therapy conquer phobia?
    Should you exercise on an empty stomach or not?
    Is activated charcoal detoxifying or dangerous?
    Are you guilty of misusing antibiotics?
    How to prevent food poisoning
    What triggers major depression?
    Stop feeding these chemicals to your kids!
    How does chemotherapy work?
    Bloated stomach? Meet the culprits
    Relish your food, live healthier!
    Smart ways to detox your liver
    Skip the botox, make these diet changes to look younger!
    Is city life stressing you? Here’s escape
    Avoiding eggs? Here’s why you should not
    Better mental health is a few moves away
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    Expert tips to prevent and manage migraines!
    Meet the dangerous germs lurking in everyday things
    Secrets of the Super Healthy
    Neuroscientists tell you how to score a better memory
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    Is it a heart attack or a panic attack?
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