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      Meet the dangerous germs lurking in everyday things

      There are so many things around us that are covered with germs and we keep touching them. If we don’t take proper care, these can cause diseases and infections.

      Every day gadgets that carry germs

      You carry your cell phone everywhere even to the washroom and this makes it even more dirtier than your toilet seat! It may have E. coli and this bacteria causes Diarrhea and stomach cramps. The worst part is that this can survive for hours on a warm surface like your phone. To prevent such problems, wash your hands after every visit to the toilet.

      The remote control is another bed of germs! When it’s not on your hands, it’s mostly on the floor or stuck between cushions, providing the perfect conditions for bacteria to breed. Wipe it with Anti-Bacterial wipes regularly.

      Your computer keyboard may have multiple users. It could be your kids with runny noses playing games on it and leaving a trail of germs, or a pet cat who brushes against it. To clean it, shake well and rub each key with some rubbing alcohol.

      Household items that harbor germs

      The dish sponge is probably one of the most germ-infested things in your house. It has everything conducive to bacteria, it’s wet, absorbent and you rub food and dirt with it always. Just replace it when you find that it starts to smell. Kitchen towels can be home to salmonella or fecal bacteria. Wash them frequently and soak them in bleach for a few minutes before washing. Soap dispensers are big culprits too, your hands may not be too clean when you touch the dispenser. However, the main reason is that the soap itself can get contaminated if it’s refilled before it’s completely empty.

      Other germ rich products

      Money harbors loads of germs. Researchers have discovered that most dollar bills are teeming with 3,000 types of bacteria. Your handbag is also conducive to bacteria, you leave it at various places ranging from dirty counters, floors and more.

      Shopping carts are handled by many different people and may be filled with E. coli, campylobacter, and salmonella, all of which cause diarrhea.


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