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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > February 18, 2019

      Poor posture can destroy your health!

      Many are not aware of how important a good posture is to maintaining health. A good posture keeps your bones and joints aligned correctly and ensures that all muscles work properly.  Posture can be defined as the body's alignment and positioning in relation to the force of gravity.

      No matter what position we are in, sitting, standing, running, lying down or anything else, gravity exerts force on the joints, ligaments and muscles. Good posture distributes the force of gravity evenly throughout the body. Many people who have been in chronic pain have felt far better after making improvements to their posture.

      Poor posture aggravates arthritis

      If you have a poor posture, this will result in malalignment of your spine or knees and increase stress on the knees. The misalignment can have a negative impact on those with arthritis over a period and make things worse.

      Reduction in blood circulation

      If you have a job that entails a lot of sitting and you sit slouched or with a bad posture, your body will not get the kind of blood circulation that it needs. This can put you at risk for varicose veins, especially if you are a woman.

      Poor posture leaves you tired

      Your energy level will come down if you suffer from a poor posture. Essentially what this does is adds tension and compression to body structures that were not supposed to bear that weight. Over a period of time, these wear away bones, joints and ligaments and even change how muscles work.

      Jaw pain and breathing problems

      You will be surprised to know that poor posture can affect your ability to breathe well. The quality of breathing is very important as the body needs adequate oxygen to recharge and rejuvenate cells. Having a poor posture can make you contract temporomandibular joint syndrome, also known as TMJ.

      Shoulder pain

      Poor posture may cause shortening and contraction of the lumbar muscles and this in turn which can may create an unhealthy tightness and lower back pain.  A "military posture," when one attempts to stand or sit up ramrod straight, lifting his or her chest and thereby making the lower back muscles to work too hard can also cause back pain.


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