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      Learn to care for your hands as you age

      Your hands are probably one of the most used parts of your body. As you age, they suffer from various kinds of problems such as tremors, loss of grip strength, skin issues, arthritis and more. Here’s what you need to do to care for your hands.


      As you age, your hands may get liver spots or age spots and wrinkles. The skin may also become dry and itchy and veins become more apparent as soft tissue declines. To combat this, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated 30 SPF or higher. While cleaning or gardening, go for cotton-lined gloves to protect your hands. Boost your diet with vitamins, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. Use a gentle soap or cleanser.


      When you have frail, wrinkled or older sun-damaged skin, it can easily get bruised by even a slight knock. It initially shows up as patches of red that turn purple. Later, they get darker and fade. These are known as “purpura”. The likelihood of this increases with taking drugs such as aspirin or other blood thinners or consuming alcohol often. To prevent this, make sure you protect your arms and hands. You can ask your doctor to prescribe a cream that makes skin thicker. If you are taking blood thinners, ask your doctor if an alternate is possible.

      Dupuytren's Contracture

      This condition usually affects men over 40 and of Northern European descent. This makes the tissue under the skin of the hands unusually thick resulting in fingers bending into the palm. Sometimes, it results in lumps too. If it’s mild, you may not find it an issue. However, the doctor may prescribe stimulation with needles, shots, or even surgery if needed.

      Loss of grip

      As you age, you may find that your grip is not as strong as it was. This could be dues to brittle bones, arthritis, or muscle loss. It could even be due to a condition such as diabetes, B.P. and so on. An occupational or physical therapist can help you improve things by prescribing a set of exercises.


      Tremors in the hand can start at any age but commonly above the age of 50. Certain medications can make things worse. This is usually harmless and certain lifestyle changes such as cutting down caffeine can help. However, a passive tremor that happens when your hands are rest can point to a serious problem even a tumor or a brain disease, such as Parkinson’s.


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