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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > October 22, 2019

      What is Hashimoto's disease and the symptoms?

      Hashimoto's disease is in simple terms, a condition where your immune system attacks your thyroid. The thyroid is a small gland that lies at bottom of your neck just below your Adam's apple. This is a vital part of your endocrine system and is responsible for producing many of the hormones which co-ordinate many of your body's functions.

      Hashimoto's disease tends to affect about seven times as many women as men which could be due to sex hormones. Exposure to radiation can also be a factor to developing this disease.  Consuming an excess of iodine or certain drugs may also contribute to causing this A combination of factors such as heredity, sex and age could also contribute to your likelihood of developing this disorder..


      During the initial stages of Hasimoto’s disease, you may not even notice the signs and symptoms of Hashimoto's disease. There might be a swelling at the front of the throat. This enlarged thyroid is known as a goiter and will make the front of your neck to look swollen. A large goiter can make swallowing difficult.

      The symptoms may include fatigue and sluggishness, constipation, a puffy face, brittle nails, joint pain and stiffness, increased sensitivity to cold, pale, dry skin, hair loss, heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, memory lapses, depression, joint and muscle pain, slowed heart rate, enlargement of the tongue, difficulty in getting pregnant, unexplained weight gain and so on.

      You must see your doctor of you find yourself tired for no apparent reason, have a plae and puffy face, dry skin or constipation. You must also constantly monitor your thyroid function by consulting your doctor if you have had thyroid surgery, treatment with radioactive iodine or anti-thyroid medications or radiation therapy for the head, neck or upper chest.


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