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      Is skipping a heartbeat dangerous?

      Is skipping a heartbeat dangerous?

      At some point in life, everyone of us must have had the experience of the heart skipping a beat. It could feel like a brief flutter or flip-flop in your chest.  This could have been during a moment of excitement or anxiety or just randomly. Is this dangerous? Does it mean that something bad might happen to us? Most of us would start worrying, but first let’s share clarity on it.

      What really is a skipped beat!

      A skipped beat is actually a premature beat.  This can be of two kinds, the first is a premature atrial contraction which takes place in the top chamber of the heart and the other is a premature ventricular contraction that happens from the lower heart chamber. These premature beats are caused when electrical impulses from your heart misfire earlier than expected. 

      When should you worry?

      A random skipped heartbeat is not dangerous and is a sign that your body is responding to something. The trigger could be excitement for instance and once this underlying factor is corrected, it will go away. In case, the frequency increases, consult your doctor for medication and it will be sorted out.

      You need to worry only if you find that these heart palpitations last for over ten minutes at a stretch or if they are accompanied by symptoms like severe dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, light-headedness and so on. If this happens consult your doctor.

      If necessary, your doctor may perform tests to determine the cause. This may include the Holter monitor which is one that must be worn for 24 to 48 hours to measure every heartbeat. Sometimes, it may call for even a longer-term monitor. If needed, your doctor may start you on a course of treatment. 


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