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      Heart symptoms you must never ignore!

      The function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body through the circulatory system. If there is heart failure or heart attack that is imminent, here are some symptoms to watch out for. Make sure you don’t ignore any of the following signs.


      Swelling of the feet, ankle or legs can be a sign of heart failure. When the blood flow from out of your heart slows down, what happens is that the blood returning to it through the veins can reverse. The result is fluid collection in unnecessary places.

      Chest pain

      Chest pain must always be given proper attention. This is the most common sign but it may not necessarily manifest as a sudden, crushing pain. It may feel more like squeezing or heaviness that may last for a few or more minutes, stop and then return. It could be mistaken for heartburn.

      Arm or back pain

      Arms suddenly feeling heavy and useless could be a sign of a heart attack. You might feel a pain in the chest that starts in the chest and then moves on to the upper or lower back. You must immediately take note if you feel the pain out of nowhere and it does not appear to be due to a certain joint or muscle.

      Sweating and breathing problems

      In case, you are having a heart attack, you may sweat even without any exertion and feel cold and clammy. You could also start feeling short of breath.

      Fainting and nausea

      Fainting may happen when B.P. falls as the heart may not be pumping enough oxygen to the brain. Nausea and lack of appetite also signify a problem with the heart.

      Neck or jaw pain

      During a heart attack, one may face pain on top of the shoulders which may be accompanied by a neck ache or even a choking or burning feeling in the throat. The lower jaw on one or both sides may be painful or tight.

      Heartbeat issues

      The heartbeat may become rapid and feel like racing if you have heart failure. A heart rhythm disorder like atrial fibrillation (AFib) may make you feel that there is a fluttering inside the chest. You could feel tired and light-headed.


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