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      Are you deficient in iodine?

      One third of the people in the world are at risk for iodine deficiency. The thyroid gland needs iodine to generate thyroid hormones. These are essential for growth, repairing damaged cells and having a healthy metabolism. Some of the people at greatest risk for iodine deficiency are pregnant women, vegans, vegetarian and those who don’t use iodized salt. Seaweed, cod, shrimp, tuna, eggs, prunes, dairy and iodized salt are rich sources of iodine.


      This is the most common symptom of iodine deficiency where the thyroid gland in the neck swells up. This is known as goiter.

      Memory and learning problems

      Iodine deficiency can hit the capacity to learn or remember things. This is because thyroid hormone levels are low in those with iodine deficiency and this impacts the brain.

      Heart rate changes

      Having too less iodine may make the heart beat slower. Severe iodine deficiency can be highly risky. It may result in an abnormally slow heart rate and leave you feeling weak, fatigued, dizzy and faint.

      Dry and flaky skin

      Thyroid hormones contain iodine and this makes the skin regenerate. Therefore, lack of iodine leaves skin dry and flaky. Besides this, the thyroid regulates sweat and sweat helps keep the skin moist and hydrated.

      Weakness and fatigue

      Iodine deficiency can leave one feeling tired and weak. This is due to the low thyroid hormone levels which makes the body incapable of producing the normal amounts of energy.

      Hair loss

      If the thyroid hormone levels dip, then the hair follicles may stop regenerating and over time this can result in hair loss.

      Sensitivity to cold

      One of the most common symptoms of iodine deficiency is feeling cold. Research has shown that 80% of people with low thyroid hormone levels are more sensitive to cold temperatures than usual.



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