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      How do you handle jet lag?

      How do you handle jet lag?

      You have been on a fun vacation overseas or gone for a conference, when you reach there or return you are likely to be down with a jet lag. The reason is that your body has a 24-hour body clock. When you travel across time zones, it comes as a surprise to your internal body clock and this may take some time to adjust since it’s used to time related to your home country.

      Shift your bedtime

      Days prior to your departure, try this trick that has helped many. If you are going East, try to sleep 15 minutes earlier every night the week or weeks before leaving. If you are heading West, reverse it.

      Go for the chicken

      If your airline serves chicken, go for it especially if it comes with pasta and rice. Studies have found that a mix of carbs and tryptophan which is an amino acid in chicken encourages the body to generate the sleep hormone melatonin and relaxing brain chemical, serotonin which makes you sleep at appropriate times.

      Make the environment conducive

      Sunlight acts as a trigger for your body to wake up and gear up while darkness makes you feel like sleeping. Once you reach your destination, if it’s day open the windows or curtains and make sure plenty of daylight comes in. If it’s night, stay away from screens a while before sleeping and draw the curtains well so your space is dark. This will help promote sleep.

      Skip the drinks

      When you take alcohol while flying, it will make you drowsy and also upset your regular and natural sleep-wake cycle. Besides that, it has a dehydrating quality and can even make jetlag worse.

      Go for water

      Skip coffee and spicy food as both these have a stimulating effect that will keep you awake when you should actually be sleeping. Instead, drink water.


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