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      Learn how to keep your joints healthy

      There are many everyday habits and factors that can damage your joints. Your joints are very important to your mobility and good health, make sure you care well for them. Repetitive stress, carrying heavy loads, falls, long periods of inactivity and so on can damage joints.

      Repetitive stress

      If you keep doing the same action over and over again, this will increase stress on your joints. In the modern world, this commonly includes continuously texting, continuously typing on the computer and so on. Over-exerting oneself during exercise also puts stress on the joints.

      Carrying heavy things

      When you carry heavy things, you put your joints at risk.  Many injuries happen when you attempt to carry heavy things that you are not accustomed to.

      Staying inactive

      Sitting for long periods without any activity is also detrimental to joint health.  Staying in the same position for long tires your muscles besides straining your joints and cartilage. The reason is that the blood circulation in that part of your body may not be proper.


      Your joints can be damaged from falls and it’s important to stay careful. A survey shows that most falls happen inside houses. A fall can cause various types of injuries, this can range from fractures, back and head injuries and also joint injuries. Make sure that there are no things that trip you up and also watch out while walking.

      Ignoring your joints

      If your joints are paining for more than a week, make sure you don’t ignore them. Don’t try to manage through the pain. Consult a doctor. If the doctor asks you to start treatment, do not delay it.

      Exercise caution while exercising

      Always make sure you warm up before exercising and cool down after exercising. If you are embarking on a new exercise plan, start slowly. Be cautious of high-impact exercise for instance running on hard surfaces for long which can injure your knees and joints. Make exercise part of your lifestyle. Gaining weight can put a lot more stress on your joints and cause pain. Go in for strength training to make bones and joints stronger.

      Go for calcium and Vitamin D

      Strong bones need calcium and Vitamin D. Dairy is a rich source of calcium, you can choose non-dairy products like almond and soy milk too.


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