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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > November 19, 2018

      7 Signs that your liver is unhealthy

      Our liver is a wonderful organ and to a great extent capable of repairing itself. However, beyond a point, the liver becomes unhealthy and here are some subtle signs that you must absolutely never ignore.

      Spider Angiomas

      These are small spider-like capillaries that are found under the skin. These are the result of large amounts of estrogen and a sign of improper liver function. The liver must metabolize hormones properly, if it does not, this happens. This is usually found on the face or legs.

      Bad breath

      Bad breath may be an indicator of many diverse kinds of health problems and liver problems are one of them. Bad breath caused by liver failure is medically known as foetor hepaticus. This is basically a fruity, musky smell that emanates due to the increased high level of dimethyl sulphide in your blood due to liver cirrhosis. 

      Facial blemishes and hyperpigmentation

      When your liver is not performing its job effectively, the levels of estrogen in the body increase. This generates tyrosinase, an enzyme to increase the production of more melanin. This results in skin pigmentation and blemishes on the face or the entire body. 

      Red palms

      If you find that your palms are red, it’s a sign that your liver is damaged due to elevated levels of hormones in the blood.

      Drop in concentration

      One of the major functions of the liver is to detoxify the liver and energize the body. If the blood has too many toxins floating around, it could make you sluggish, impact mental clarity and make you feel tired. It can create issues like forgetfulness and the extreme can even be coma.

      Itchy skin

      Itchy skin is usually a skin rash but may also be the result of bile in the blood when the liver is sluggish. If the bile duct gets blocked, the bile simply runs back to the blood stream.

      Easy bruising and bleeding

      In case, you find that you are getting easily bruised and start to bleed, this symbolizes an unhealthy liver. It means that proteins necessary to clot your blood are not available in sufficient quantities.


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