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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > February 15, 2019

      Menstruation myths that you must forget

      Across the globe, menstruation is a natural phenomenon that has many myths surrounding it. Many cultures look at period blood as impure and dirty. In some cultures, women are isolated during their periods. Here are a look at some of the popular myths.

      Myth: Avoid having a bath

      This is completely untrue, having a bath during your periods will not harm you in any way. Hot water may stimulate the blood flow and it offers benefits such as relieving cramps and muscular tension. If you are swimming or in the water, due to the pressure of the water, the blood may not flow out but does not stop. Once you step out of the water, the period will continue as normal.

      Myth: Do not exercise during periods

      False. Your periods need not stop you from doing any activity that you would normally do. Regular exercise is important to bring down painful menstrual cramps. In case, you find it tough to exercise during period cramps, take anti-inflammatory pain medication. It’s also a great way to supply oxygen to those muscles.

      Myth: You must avoid sex during periods

      Sex during periods does not bring with it any health issues. In fact, it may even bring down your menstrual cramps. If you wish to, don’t stop yourself. It’s only religious and social views that have made it a taboo for some.

      Myth: PMS is in the mind

      False. PMS is related to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. This can manifest as irritability, depression, fatigue and physical symptoms such as cramps or headaches.

      Myth: You can’t get pregnant during periods

      Though it’s highly unlikely, you can get pregnant even during periods. Conception can occur in those with an extremely short menstrual cycle or a long period which would link the ovulation stage with the onset of menstruation. 


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