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      What is misophonia and how do you cope?

      Misophonia is a disorder where a person reacts in an abnormally strong and negative way to every day  sounds humans which may include even chewing or breathing. Specific sounds can trigger emotional or physiological responses. Finger tapping, keyboard tapping, fidgeting and so on are some of the other sounds that commonly trigger a misophonia episode.

      Misophonia is a condition that can develop at any age but usually is starts during early childhood or the teens. Initially, it may be just one sound that triggers misophonia but over a period of time it can develop into reactions to other sounds too. This is a lifelong condition.

      What kind of disorder is misophonia?

      This is related to the brain and does not have any linkage to hearing. Doctors have not been able to ascertain the cause yet but it’s partially a physical and partially a mental disorder. Those with this disorder have interruptions in the connectivity between the portions of the brain responsible for processing both sound stimulation and the fight/flight response.

      Symptoms of misophonia

      Misophonia symptoms can range from irritation to excessive anger, disgust or an urge to flee. When the reaction is severe, the symptoms may include rage, anger, hatred, fear, panic and emotional distress. One may even go to the extent of getting physically aggressive with the source of the sound. One might also shout or scream at the person creating the noise.

      In addition to the emotional reactions, some of the physical symptoms include a faster heartbeat, increase in B.P., rise in body temperature, muscle tightness and pressure that runs throughout the body.


      Treatment for misophonia usually is a multidisciplinary approach where sound therapy by audiologists and counseling is imparted.  Using ear plugs and headsets can help to tune out sounds. Going in for mediation and stress-busting techniques can improve things. Whenever possible, one must leave situations likely to have trigger sounds.


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