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      MSD India launches antibiotic ZIENAM in the market:

      Posted AtNew Kerala

      Merck & Co of USA, known as MSD Pharmaceuticals Limited in India, has introduced ZIENAM, a broad spectrum antibiotic developed and marketed by its US-based parent copany, in the Indian pharmaceutical market.

      ZIENAM is a highly effective drug in the treatment of patients, who have developed resistance to antibiotics and therefore is a true response to the global problem of drug resistance.

      MSD India Pharma which has plans to invest in sales, marketing and research operations over the next five years, said in a statement that ZIENAM is a prescription drug used in the therapy of Hospital bacterial infections and is indicated for prophylaxis as well as treatment.

      Imipenem, the key component of ZIENAM, makes the drug highly effective against pathogens of the gram-positive, gram-negative as well as aerobic and anaerobic spectra.

      Since the bactericidal activity of b-lactam antibiotics is broader than that of other antibiotic strains, ZIENAM is particularly indicated for the treatment of intra-abdominal infections, infections of the respiratory tract, gynecological and genitourinary infections, septicemia, skin and soft tissue infections, endocarditis and bone and joint infections.

      ''The launch of ZIENAM in India is part of Merck's continued commitment to introducing medicines and vaccines recognized by the medical community globally as key products for changing the course of diseases'', said Mr. Murali Parthasarathy, Marketing Director, MSD India.

      He said that the drug was key especially in the treatment of hospitalized patients, who developed strong resistance to a wide spectrum of anti-microbial agents and whose infections have become life threatening.

      According to medical experts, Antibiotic drug resistance is spreading in the developing world threatening the lives of millions.

      Every hour, they said, about 1 500 people die from an infectious disease - over half of them are children under five.

      The medical fraternity in India is confronted with increased drug resistance when treating patients with infectious diseases caused by pathogens, they added.

      September 18, 2005


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