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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > October 15, 2018

      Get a day time nap, make better decisions

      Sleep is vital to various functions of the brain and plays a major role in forming memory and consolidating new information. The advanced research facilities available today let scientists pinpoint where exactly the brain’s learning actually takes place.

      How naps help process subconscious information

      Liz Coulthard who is a consultant senior lecturer in dementia neurology at the University of Bristol Medical School, UK performed a research study on daytime naps. The objective of the study was to ascertain the impact of daytime naps on the brain's capacity to process information that we may not consciously aware of. The study also looked at the speed with which the brain processes any kind of new information.

      16 volunteers were chosen for the study. They were given two tasks to do. The first was called the "masked prime task" and in this they were given information in a very brief manner. This was done so that they would be unable to register the information consciously. In the second “control task”, participants had to respond after being shown a red or blue square on a screen.

      After this, some volunteers were asked to stay awake and some take a 90-minute nap. Post this, they were asked to repeat the same tasks. The brain activity throughout the experiment was measured. It was found that those who took the nap showed a faster processing of the "masked prime task." However, for the “control task”, the nap did not have any impact on the reaction time. This brought in the conclusion that taking a nap can help in decision-making as it influences the subconscious mind.

      Start napping today!

      Go for a short nap during the day, say a 20 minute to 30 minute one. Make sure you set your alarm, too long a nap will make you feel groggy. Take the power nap during the afternoon. Find a quiet place and turn on some soothing sounds if you find it difficult to doze off.



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