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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > August 02, 2019

      Signs of high blood sugar even without diabetes

      We always associate high blood sugar with those who have diabetes. However, this need not necessarily be the case. Here are some of the key symptoms that you might have if you have high blood sugar.

      Constant tiredness

      You would think that high blood sugar would keep you high on energy as well. However, reality is the opposite. You may feel constantly tired and sluggish. This is because your body gets confused and is unable to figure out how to use the sugar.

      Chronic headaches

      High blood sugar can affect the hormones that control brain function.  This happens because the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine which are responsible for the brain's blood vessels expanding and contracting are thrown out of gear. High blood sugar hits the normal flow of blood and this makes the head ache till blood levels reach more of an equilibrium.

      Numbness in the fingers and toes

      When you have high blood sugar, it can make your blood thicker. This may make you feel numbness in certain organs as the blood is not flowing easily into them.

      Injuries and wounds are healing slowly

      When you have high blood sugar, blood circulation slows down and this affects the body's ability to heal itself. This also results in slow healing of sores especially on your feet. This is also likely to cause a greater tendency to bladder and yeast infections.

      Blurred vision

      When your blood sugar gets high, this can make the lens of your eye swell and this makes focusing on one point difficult. In case, this condition is untreated, this blurred vision may result in vision loss.

      Peeing often and excessive thirst

      When there is a sugar overload in the body, your kidney will try to clear the excessive sugar through urine. This may leave you dehydrated as this depletes fluid from the tissues as well and he result is that you will tend to keep feeling thirstier.


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