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      Do you suffer from nomophobia?

      Nomophobia is a modern disorder and refers to extreme fear of losing your phone or being unable to use it. Today, with our increased reliance on technology, the phone plays an important role in our lives. However, when the obsession with the phone increases, this may affect day-to-day life and this is when it turns to nomophobia.

      How to recognize nomophobia

      The key emotional symptoms to watch out for are worry, fear, or panic related to not having your phone or being unable to utilize it. You might have anxiousness and agitation in case you need to put your phone down or know that you can’t use it for a while. You may also get into a state of panic or in case you can’t find your phone. Irritation, stress, or anxiety may hit you if you are unable to check your phone.

      The physical symptoms that you may face are tightness in your chest, increased sweating, trouble breathing normally, dizziness, feeling disoriented, trembling or shaking, feeling faint and a rapid heartbeat.

      When do you start worrying?

      Just because you frequently use your phone or start worrying about not having it, does not mean that you suffer from nomophobia. However, in case, you have had symptoms for six months or longer, speak to a therapist.

      Changes you can make

      Do turn your phone off at night while sleeping. This will enable better sleep. Take short breaks away from your phone, such as when you go for short walks, go to pick up the grocery and so on. Make more connections in person with friends and relatives. Spend time with them, this will help you shake off the loneliness and lack of connection you may feel when away from the phone. Spend some time away from technology every day.


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