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      These phobias are commoner than you think!

      A phobia is a kind of anxiety disorder where a person has a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. Here are some phobias that are commoner than you think.

      Fear of clowns or Coulrophobia

      Clowns are supposed to be fun and make people laugh but for some people, an irrational fear of clowns can make it a nightmare. This phobia can result in panic, breathing trouble, fear, irregular heartbeat, sweating and nausea. This phobia has been increasing in recent days.


      This is an irrational fear of masked or costumed characters and can include mascots, full-bodied costumed characters, masquerade costumes and Halloween costumes. This is especially common among children. This may be because masks tend to distort the way a person looks making him or her look strange and unusual. This could trigger sweating, shaking, crying, heart palpitations or even lead to a panic attack.


      Iatrophobia or the fear of doctors and health care such as medical tests has become very common today. Iatrophobia symptoms include heart palpitations, fear of dying, breathing trouble, excessive sweating and obsessive worry.


      This is a type of anxiety disorder where people have a fear of confined spaces. This could be triggered off by being inside a small space, a MRI machine, a room without windows or even an aircraft. It may result in a panic attack, hyperventilation, trouble breathing, nausea, dry mouth, sweating, fainting high B.P., a choking sensation and so on.

      Performance Phobia

      This is also known as stage fright or performance anxiety. It need not necessarily affect a person while performing on large stages with hundreds of people, it can also pop up during small official meetings where a person has to make a presentation. This can result in tension, sweating, dry mouth, trembling, shaking, nausea, light-headedness, blushing and so on.


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